A bit about me

Welcome to my site! I’m so happy our paths have crossed! I’m a makeup/hair artist turned watercolorist and am drawn (pun intended) to painting portraits.

I’ve chosen portraits as my primary subject matter. For over 28 years I’ve worked directly on people’s faces with cosmetics using various tools from sponges, brushes, airbrushes and sometimes fingers. I enjoy painting people’s faces but now my focus is Commissioned Watercolor Portraits.

You can learn more about my previous career here.

When watercoloring portraits I feel as if I’m interacting with my subjects even if we’re not having a conversation. I enjoy watching my subject come to life in watercolor and feel a real connection especially when the eyes are complete. When I’m painting I can almost sense the attitudes and temperaments of some of my clients and models that have sat in my makeup chair. Many of them have become my watercolor subjects and are some of my favorite muses.

When watercolor painting I interact with my subject on a purely artistic level.

I find it easy to plan a watercolor paint session as I’m able to work on my own schedule. And while I still have deadlines and marketing duties (it’s not all paint and canvas’) I can paint whenever I choose not just when I have a warm body in my makeup chair.

For social connections in the art scene you can often find me around town at gallery receptions to support other artists and to stay on top of current art trends.

While I’ll always cherish my creative career as a makeup/hair artist I’m so excited to take this art journey and discover a new talent I hadn’t realized until recently. I hope you’ll join me on this journey and see how my work evolves.

To learn about me and my previous career is a light in the direction my Watercolor career has taken me.