Career shift

My life’s work as a makeup artist and hairstylist has led me to becoming a Watercolor Portrait Artist.

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Career shift opens new doors

For nearly 30 years I worked in San Diego, California as a makeup/hair artist on a slew of various gigs from television, video, personal clients and bridal. Read more

My career was exciting! I had the opportunity to work with many remarkable people and visit some amazing venues. But the demanding schedule was not something I wanted to continue forever. I was nearly 28 years into my makeup/hair career when I decided to pick up a Watercolor brush. I had tried the medium as a child and was drawn to its simplicity. The ease of brush clean-up and low odor was also a plus for me. Many people claim Watercolor is one of the most difficult mediums to master but having no experience in any other areas, -other than makeup, I wasn’t dissuaded.

Career shift from one medium to another.

I still work in a creative field and I still paint faces. As a makeup artist I enjoyed all the amazing conversations. It was the icing on the cake to a very fun career. However, I do enjoy being able to pick up my brushes whenever the mood strikes. I still have deadlines and whenever I’m working on a commission, I strive for effective timeliness. The new-found freedom that my career shift affords me has simplified my life in many ways. The joy of painting is something I recommend for everyone!

Makeup and hair by Paula Mayer – click on images to enlarge.

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I believe that in order to grow as a person we need to continually stretch our boundaries of what feels comfortable.

Shifting gears is not always easy but it sures beats living in auto-drive.