Commissioned Art

One of my favorite things in life is to be asked to paint commissioned art for someone.

If you ever thought commissioned art would make a great gift, either for yourself or someone else, but were concerned that it would be costly -think again. My custom paintings are affordable, starting at $275 for a collaborative work of art that lets the recipient know they’re cared for. This is a hand-painted, one-of-a-kind gift guaranteed to make both of you feel very special!

Here are a few examples of my previous commissions and a short story behind each one.

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Commissioned Watercolor Painting At the Alter
"At the Alter" Watercolor Paintings make a beautiful and unique keepsake! I've enjoyed every opportunity to do makeup and hair for Lisa -especially on her wedding day! After retiring my makeup and hair brushes I enjoyed creating this painting with my Watercolor brushes. 

"Paula! A much bigger thank you to come but just a quick silly note to tell you the Bobby pin count on the gorgeous wedding hairdo was 27. Hehe"

Commissioned Watercolor Painting
I offered to paint this for a long-time makeup/hair client when I heard her commissioned oil painting of this had been lost. This was fun because I had done her makeup and hair for this event and when I found out her father (pictured with her) had passed I thought this would be a nice remembrance of him.

"After losing the painting of me and my dad (sold our house and new owners threw it out), Paula painted this beautiful watercolor portrait! Thank you so much, Paula! You have no idea how much this means to me!"
Watercolor Commissions Airplane and Pilot
This painting of pilot with his airplane was created as a keepsake after his passing. He had a loving family and many passions -including his airplane.

"Thank you so much ... Such an amazing gift. I can't wait to have it framed, and Dana and I both were holding back tears when we saw the airplane. He loved it so very much. His passions were planes and helicopters and racing vintage cars. They will be displayed with each other in some creative way and in an area of our home where all visitors will see them."
Watercolor Commission Painting family home keepsake
When a home you've loved and lived in for more than 20 years gets passed along to a new owner it makes a worthy subject for a Watercolor painting.

"May many new happy memories be made here."

Watercolor Commission Mother Daughter love
Daughters always hold a special place in their mother's hearts and so a Watercolor Painting is only appropriate. 

"Paula did an amazing job with my daughter’s portrait. This was my first time having a portrait commissioned and let me tell you I was completely blown away. I am continually amazed by her work and the incredible colors she captures in each of her watercolor paintings. She is a beautiful person inside and out. One of the kindest hearts you will ever meet."

Watercolor commission painting of Father
Painting Dad was a recent request by his girlfriend, Sondra and I was happy to accept! You can read all about the process on my blog "What's News" How to Commission a Painting for someone special.

"Thank you Paula! This is one of my favorite gifts and you captured his essence perfectly!"
Watercolor Pet Commissions
Cricket belongs to my brother-in-law and I couldn't help but want to paint this dog that has so much spunk and play in him.

"Thank you Paula for this wonderful painting of Cricket" I can't wait to get it framed and hung up on display."
Watercolor Commissioned Art Sunflower Dress Painting
This is one of two sunflower dress paintings inspired by my dress series. A longtime client/friend commissioned a sunflower dress painting for someone very dear to her that has done a lot to help empower other women. The sunflower is a source of hope and inspiration with the power to heal. Buy a bouquet or a sunflower painting and see if it doesn't just brighten your day!

"This is just beautiful! Thank you Paula, Traci is going to love this!"
Watercolor Painting commission of home
This painting was commissioned as a gift for parents who had moved from their family home. I think it meant as much to the giver to have this keepsake of her childhood home as it did the parents.

"I gave it to my parents and they were shocked and absolutely love it! My mom even started crying. They both can't wait to have it framed and place it in their new home."
Bereavement Watercolor Commissions
This portrait is less literal and combines elements that were special to this person and how she'll be remembered -lost in the garden, which is where she loved to spend time.
Bereavement portrait paintings can provide comfort to those who are experiencing a great loss.

"While our daughter will live on in our hearts forever, this painting captured her and what she enjoyed so we can be reminded of her sweetness whenever we see it."
Watercolor commissioned art of wedding gown
"The Dress" was commissioned by a bridal party as a wedding gift to the bride. It has also been on exhibit for a juried show at Ashton Gallery in San Diego, California.

"The bride was overjoyed when she saw this painting. We're so happy we found out you offer this service. The quality and detail is impeccable!"
Watercolor wedding gift
A very thoughtful groom gifted this to his bride for their one year wedding anniversary, which happens to be paper. Technically the Watercolor paper I use is 100% cotton but that will be our secret.

"Kimberly was so surprised when she saw this painting! She already has it framed and hanging. Hopefully I can come up with something just as impressive for all our other anniversaries. Thank you for making it so special!"

Watercolor portraiture offers a unique vision into the intrinsic beauty of the individual

Great occasions to gift Watercolor commissioned art

Milestone anniversaries

Bereavement / Sympathy gift

Baby portrait of that adorable bundle

Pet portrait because they’re part of the family

Keepsake of new home or one recently sold

Wedding gift for bride and groom

Realtor gift to new homeowners