D’Art and Friends Group Exhibit

Emergence Watercolor Original D'Art and Friends Group Exhibit
Emergence 16 x 11 inches Watercolor Original

D’Art and Friends Group Exhibit 11/25/2022 – 12/24/2022

For many years I shared studio space with photographer and husband, Seth Mayer, at our San Diego studio. Now I’m pleased to be sharing wall space with him at the D’Art and Friends Invitational Group Exhibit in Denver, CO!

D'art & Friends members invitational exhibition

In this much anticipated show, Seth will be featuring a series entitled “Blink of an Eye” The medium is photography with wax.

I will be showing several of my new works which intertwines beauty and nature: “Emergence”, “Dragon Slayed” and “Floral Notes”.


After many years working in the field of commercial photography and makeup/ hair, we are
excited to take this art journey together into fine art. This allows us to continue the connection
with the human element incorporating scenes of nature, objects and favorite things.
Photographic composites and Watercolor portraits complement each other in many ways and
we inspire to show our work together whenever opportunities present themselves.

There will be many other talented artists’ works also on display. I hope you’ll get a chance to stop by and see this show.

Artist’s Statements

Seth Mayer
Blink of an Eye

In the blink of an eye when our imaginations are in a heightened state, our world tends to shift
away from seeing the ordinary.
These photographs are created using a de-focus in-camera technique, printed and mounted on
wood board, and wax is melted and applied to the surface adding texture and depth. Even
though these are in limited editions of 5, each print is unique.

Paula Mayer
Making Faces

My passion for painting faces comes from nearly 30 years working as a makeup/hair artist; shaping subtle
facial nuances to transform and define through the use of color, shadow, light, and texture. My Watercolor art
is an extension of this art form. My work encompasses realistic Watercolor portraits with a hint of fantasy
oftentimes including nature elements. I find this form of art wonderfully liberating and powerful. Nature is
beauty and beauty is nature lending balance and strength to the individual.

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