Slippin In Original Watercolor


Slippin In

Slippin In 9 x 12 inches Watercolor.  Slippin In Original Watercolor glamourizes the simple and oh-so loved house slipper.  The slippers in this painting are not meant to be the most comfortable house slipper but they’re definitely some of the cutest and most colorful.  The humble house slipper is likely the most common shoe we each own so why not showcase it with a painting in your home! 

Stylish shoes are one of the easiest ways to accessorize an outfit.  It can be as simple as a comfortable pair of leopard-print flats or bejeweled sandals but the statement they make can add dimension to the look.  My shoe series is an on-going project that began as a fun way to showcase all the beautiful shoes available to us.  It’s something most of us take for granted but in some countries the people own only one pair of ill-fitting shoes.  This series is to express my gratitude to comfortable and glam shoes and to the artists that conceptualize and design them.

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Slippin In Original Watercolor Painting

Slippin In Original Watercolor painting is created on archival, high-quality Watercolor paper. I use only professional grade Watercolor paints ensuring your painting will last many lifetimes.

Each painting is hand-signed and includes a certificate of authenticity identifying the originality of the artwork.

Each painting comes unframed and unmatted allowing you to coordinate your piece of art with your surroundings.  I’ve included a link for matting and framing suggestions here.

Free shipping is included to all addresses within the USA. Please contact me for shipping information outside of the US.

Prefer customized artwork?  Let’s collaborate on a custom Watercolor painting using your photos and ideas along with my painting skills to create a unique work of art.  Begin here.

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